For an Ethical Woodinville...

Please call Mayor Bernie Talmas at 425-489-2700 or email and ask him to support stronger ethics rules for the city council that oppose cyber bullying and promote civility in Woodinville City government.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It got so bad...

The lack of civility on the City Council reached such a low, that the City Council actually considered options for removing Bernie Talmas as Mayor.

Read the story here.

At the end of the discussion, the City Council:

“Directed staff to prepare an amendment to the Code of Ethics to require councilmembers to exercise proper decorum and not to engage in electronic workplace cyber-bullying."

“Directed staff to prepare an amendment to the Code of Ethics to make factually inaccurate communications by councilmembers, a violation of the Code of Ethics.”

Those important ethics changes are critical to Woodinville moving forward. Contact Bernie Talmas and the City Council today and ask them to please pass these new, stricter rules.

Call 425-489-2700 or email


  1. Who are you guys anyway? I watch council meetings on cable and from that vantage point the unethical behavior resides in the two ladies who cry the loudest for ethical behavior! Isn't there a rule about campaigning from the dias? These ladies persisted by reading campaign literature into the microphone when they should be conducting city business. You guys need to refocus your ethics campaign toward different council members in my opinion. For all we know this is their own site to continue harassing their colleagues.

  2. We just want the council to pass stricter ethics rules governing council behavior. When a City Council member actually says publicly that they have an informant who had been watching the home of another Council member, then it should shock the conscience of the public. This has to stop, and that is all we ask.